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Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Major obstacles and expectations

Major obstacles and expectations             

Mata Kuliah Softskill : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2      

Major Obstacle :
When I was invited to speak in English, I am less quick to pick up the conversation. it took some time to interpret it. And as I’ve understood, I was not quick enough to answer directly. I have to think about what I should say. Maybe because vocabulary a little. So I a bit slow to answer.            
·        Lack of enthusiasm to read English-speaking text / book.         
·        The limited word exchequer ( vocabulary ).                 
·        Fluent says but cannot write down because doesn't know or forgets    
·        There Is American English there are also British English, there is again Australian English      
·        Forgets tensis               
·        The hindrance in studying English words said That was so hard and difficult, to remember words.     

 Expectations of the future:
I want to speak English properly. Because English is the language of international language support. Must have English language is essential. Therefore I want to practice speaking English little by little to smooth the way I talk, learn tenses and expand English vocabulary.
·        Multiplies reads textbook is having English language       
·        Often reads dictionary      
·        Keep studying     
·        Must knock by heart many tensis             
·        I hoped very much wanted to be Able to speak and understand English fluently.