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Senin, 26 Maret 2012

My first experience dealing with english

My first experience dealing with english              

Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2     

The first time I received the lesson of time sat in the English bench Kindergarten (TK), that too still studying vocabulary According That to me is now so easy only in ancient but still the Kindergarten (TK) was difficult, really was memorized. After TK continued after the Primary School, the Junior Secondary School (the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL) and the Senior Secondary School (the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL) That private enterprise really gave priority to his English with the "English Class" program where the individual make-accustomed spoke English with WHO and anywhere (still the environment of school). Just honest now I am still not Considered to be the champion in studying English was still serious messy food like gado-gado, only say YES or NO then. Already 12th the school continue to be Able to not speak English well and truly in fact took part in studying until the IEC also loh did not continue to have. English has a major influence in the world of work.                                    
It is very embarrassing to this day if I imagined it. Many things are funny when I first learned English. That a piece of my experience of receiving the English lesson, but indeed rather embarrassed so the existence of the reality.                
That’s all.