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Minggu, 29 April 2012

Do you agree that Y generation will be finally dominate or rolling the workforce ? Why ?

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Do you agree that Y generation will be finally dominate or rolling the workforce  ?  Why  ?                          

Agree in future

I agreed because Generation Y assumes adults at work are on their side. They were raised by parents who often acted more like friends and mentors. So Gen Y comes to the negotiating table with unprecedented confidence about what kind of workplace they want.
Gen Y is different than previous generation workers in the following ways  :                          

§  Gen Y uses modern tools and technologies, including software that’s easily accessible and free from the Internet; 
§  Gen Y easily maintains their to-do lists, and priorities by synching with the PDAs and iPODs;
§  Gen Y are not workaholics, and understand the relationship between a balanced life and productivity;
§  Gen Y are more likely to love their jobs, because they change jobs more frequently, and stay in jobs that match their passions and talents;
§  Gen Y has a continuing thirst for learning and personal growth;
§  Gen Y wants to have new experiences, try new things, and be creative;
§  Gen Y doesn’t stay in jobs they don’t like just to be comfortable and secure.


Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.  Of course, each generation has a different mindset That Is, Hope that is not the same, as well as different cultures That shape them.  How to manage these differences, ie differences of opinion and lead to a different way of resolving the problem ?   Gen Y Generally choose paid with cash.  While the older generation prefer to be rewarded for nonmaterial Such additional leave or the opportunity to follow training.  "Of all the generations, Baby Boomers are the most tolerant generation.  They have a positive outlook Generally That intergenerational collaboration can benefit many parties.  The study Also found That although Gen Y Often use the short message, all the actual generation still prefer to Communicate face to face meetings.