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Minggu, 29 April 2012

Why do you work ?

Nama :  Bemby Agustian           
NPM :  10208241           
Kelas :  4EA14             
Mata Kuliah Softskill :  Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2                    

Why do you work  ?                   

When you ask people why they work, a lot of them will say they’re ‘only in it for the money’. When you work for money, you can be financially independent, and have some control over your life. 
Sometimes money truly is the only reason a person works. But most people have more substantial reasons for working. For example: 
•    They like to spend their days doing something they’re good at. 
•    They like being productive. 
•    Other people need their skills, and they feel obliged to supply them. 
This all sounds wonderful, but you’d need at least some money to do most of these things. Relaxing and doing what you please is great for a holiday, but after a while the pleasure can wear off and you can feel aimless and bored.                      

§  I work for my family.            
§  I work to earn money.                
§  I work to change my life.           
§  I work for the masses ahead of me.                              
§  I work to eat.                       
§  I work because I can afford.                  
§  I work to gain experience.                              
§  I work because I have to work.                                          

I work to connect from day to day lives. If we do not work mean you can not eat a day. Can be hard to imagine living an age now. Also the pursuit of wealth by workingto get more money. Indeed the work we will get the money. With any work we will beable to develop Themselves and use all the skills we have.