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Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Three products that you considered as the most important ? Why ? Laptop

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Three products that you considered as the most important ?  Why ?      



The third important product is the laptop ... because the laptop is a technology designed to more easy consumer complete the job or their job more easily, effectively and efficiently ...                   

Development of science and technology to the learning process is diperkayanya learning resources and learning media. Computer media used in the study because it provides advantages not shared by other learning media is the ability of computers to interact individually with students. Learning model is applied in computer-assisted learning can generally be classified into four models, namely: 1) tutorial, 2) drill and practice, 3) simulation, and 4) problem-solving. In models 1 and 2, the computer acts as a teacher, while models 3 and 4, to develop problem-solving skills through the use of discovery or exploratory approach. Some research states that this learning can enhance motivation to learn, effective learning media, the absence of limits of space and time to learn.
The development of computer to date very rapidly, before the computer knows it is today, 5000 years ago in Asia Minor people find a tool called Abacus and is regarded as the beginning of the computer. In 1642, Blaise Pascal discovered nomerik wheel calculator to help his father calculate taxes. But this tool has a weakness, that is only a summation.Hamacher interpret your own computer in a fast electronic calculating machine and can receive digital input and then process it in accordance with programs stored in the form dimemorinya and generate output information. According Nasotion (2001), the computer is divided into several generations. Ie the first generation (1953-1958), second generation (1958-1966), third-generation (1966-74), fourth generation (1974-1982), and fifth generation (1982-present). With the development of increasingly sophisticated, so until now many perceived benefits in many areas of life. One of the benefits of computers are in the areas of education such as multimedia. Where the use of multimedia, the learning process more meaningful, because it can display text, color, sound, video, motion, picture and be able to display cleverness that can present an interactive process. Advances in information technology and communications are also useful in education, one of which is computer-assisted learning, in its use by Sudjana and Rival (1989) there are some models of computer-assisted learning, the model of training and practice (drill and practice), the model tutorial (tutorials), discovery models (problem solving), the model simulations (simulations) and the model of the game (game).
Media is a tool that should be there if we want to facilitate something in the work. Media is a tool that can facilitate the work. Everyone will want to work can be well made and with excellent results. «
The word comes from the media itself which is the Latin plural of "medium" which means "introductory or intermediary", thus can be interpreted that the media is a vehicle dealer or distributor of information to learn the message.
Kit Lay Bourne (1985: 82) states that "the use of media should not carry all the news package, students can simply keep an eye on the news." From this opinion may be connected with the subject matter that the delivery mode of communication is still perceived by the students' understanding of the deviation. The problem is that too many students are receiving something with verbalisme science. Especially in the teaching-learning process that does not use the media on which the condition of the students are not ready, will increase the chances of verbalisme.
Media which functioned as a learning resource when viewed from the literal sense there are also human beings in it, objects, or anything that allows students to obtain information and knowledge useful for students in learning, and how the presence of ICT-based media, particularly using the presentation power point where students have the desire to move forward, and also has a high creativity and satisfying in their development in later life.
Targeted use of media is that students are able to create something new and be able to take advantage of something that has existed for use with other forms and variations are useful in life. Thus they are easily understood and mamahami subject matter presented by the teacher to them.
Arief S. Sadiman (1984:6) says that the media "is all the physical tools that can present the message and stimulate students to learn such as movies, books and tapes". RE Clark (1996: 62) reveals that "the of of the media to Encourage student afford to invest more in the hearing has along history".
From the view of the above can be said that the media is a tool that memungkinakn young people to understand and grasp things easily and be able to remember for a long time in comparison with the delivery of course material by way of face to face and talk without the help of tools.

According Soeparno (1987:8) says there are several reasons for selecting the media in the learning process, namely:
A. there are various kinds of media that have a possibility we could use in the teaching-learning process,
2. media that have no match to convey certain information
3. there are differences in the characteristics of each media
4. There are differences in media users
5. there are differences in circumstances where the media used.
6. Media Tech nology-based learning and Uses of Information and Communications.
Starting from this opinion, it is clear that the media chose not easy. Media to be used should pay attention to several provisions on the basis that the use of media to be really effective and efficient in order to improve and clarify students' understanding.
The use of ICT-based learning media is not easy. In using these media should pay attention to some of the techniques used for media that can be utilized to the maximum and not deviate from the purpose of the media, in this case used the media Computers and LCD projectors. Arief S. Sadiman (1996: 83) says that:
Judging from the readiness of the procurement, grouped into two types of media, media that is so because there is a commodity trading in the market area in a state ready for use (by media utilization) and media design needs to be designed and prepared specifically for the purpose and specific learning objectives.