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Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Three products that you considered as the most important ? Why ? Motorcycle

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Three products that you considered as the most important ?  Why ?        


I think motorcycle is very important because motorcycle can help us reach a certain place with a more effective ... motorcycle is also one important requirement at this time .. because of rapid technological development which has many different types of motorcycle with a model that is very varied, in order to attract consumers to buy or use it ..                                                      

When asked his audience, bicycle motors are proven tough and economical in Indonesia, they would say the same, Honda . If one asked a bicycle motors are proven tough since many years; high value and the most economical fuel consumption, they also say a word, Honda .
Brand Honda unofficially already embedded in the minds of the people of Indonesia. It can be proved if we hear everyday conversation people of Indonesia on bike motors . They sometimes say, Honda to name a bikemotors .
In West Sumatra it did happen. Community called bike motorcycle withHonda . No other brand. This has happened since your Honda invaded West Sumatra in the 1970s. Maybe in other areas such as this phenomenon also occurs.
Thus, Honda became the trademark of a loved and accepted by society.This bodes Honda dominated the share of bike motorcycle in Indonesia.Among other advantages, the engines are recalcitrant. Look Astrea of the 70s (known Astrea Month-Asbul) is still passed on the road.
In addition, the high selling price. Thus, the owner of Honda does not need to fear falling prices when sold. Because public confidence in the bike motorcycle Honda either new or used, if the sale price is still high. It had happened years old and still continue to survive.
If traced downward, excess Adapaun bike motorcycle Honda is located on the efficient use of fuel. Then it is known to the public, then the high selling price, good suspesnsinya, advanced technology and top speednya steady.
To maintain the quality and convenience of the public, Honda officially opened the workshop which is widespread throughout AHASS named.Almost at every distance of 1-2 kilomter, workshops AHASS brand easily found. With so many garage, bike motorcycle Honda also supply genuine spare parts.
On 11.30.2007 ago, history recorded PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as the manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle motorcycle Honda in Indonesia. It is the achievement of the production history of the 20 million units of motorcycle motorcycle Honda . Products are to-20 million thatHonda Supra X 125 PGM FI.

It was recorded with gold ink automotive history in Indonesia. Even in the world, the incision is made PT AHM making Indonesia the first country in the ASEAN region to achieve production-20 million. 
What does the PT AHM is not an instant event. Need professionalism and seriousness to realize Honda as a pioneer in the automotive industry-country. That history began in 1971 ago. In the first factory established in the region I Sunter, North Jakarta, the production bike motorcycle is started.
From there, he went up the factory Honda's new and what kind of new products. Cause, due to the increasing demand for bicycle bike kind ofHonda . AHM and continue to innovate and improve capacity.
In 1996, the PT AHM-2 to set up factories and mills in Pegangsaan Cikarang to 3 in 2005. With the third plant, which was supported by a reliable workforce and facilities for advanced manufacturing machines, capable of producing 3 million units of motorcycle motorcycle Hondaevery year.
Thus, the 36-year-old Honda serving the community. Honda led the farmers to go into the fields. Honda also bring a father go to work. Deliver to the market's wife or children go to school and also transporting goods.
This achievement is not easily achieved and not in an instant. Need professionalism and seriousness in doing and maintain public confidence.AHM is the synergy benefits of technology and marketing networks, a development partnership between Honda Motor Company Limited, Japan and PT Astra International Tbk, Indonesia.
Advantage of technology Honda Motor is recognized in the world and has been demonstrated on many occasions, on the highway and on the racetrack. Honda is also developing technologies that address the needs of customers that the machine "stubborn" and fuel-efficient, making it a pioneer of two-wheeled vehicles that are economical . No wonder, if the resale prices remain high.
Astra has a comprehensive knowledge of the needs of bicycle users ofmotorcycles in Indonesia, thanks to network marketing and extensive experience. Astra is able to facilitate the purchase and provide after-sales service so that brand Honda getting ahead.
AHM's commitment through the products and their activities, a mission that never changes is the company can always meet the needs of consumers. Because public confidence is always awake, the PT AHM often awarded. On 18/07/2007, PT AHM was awarded the Best Corporate Image category-2 vehicles rod of "The 7th Indonesia's Most Admired Companies (IMAC) Award 2007.
Award from BusinessWeek Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group is given directly by the Chairman of Frontier Consulting Group, Handi Irawan and Managing Editor of Business Week Indonesia, Andrianto Soekarnen to the Marketing Director of AHM, Johannes Loman.
Award given since 2004, the measure based on several dimensions. The first criterion is the quality which includes the quality of the company in providing customer care, product quality, services provided, the trust of stakeholders and innovation.
To-2 benchmarks, performance and all three responsibilities that include environmental responsibility and social. Recent benchmarks the company's appeal consists of the company's ability to attract prospective employees who have the best skills and expertise.
It involves the assessment> of 100 companies in Indonesia. Get involved in it as much as 1420 respondents consisting of journalists, investors, executives and high level public in Jakarta and Surabaya. Award, the wage of consistency in maintaining a fair measurement methodology and accurate.
Earlier in November 2006, Honda was also awarded three categories of "Motor Best 2006 ". No kidding, that rewards are Indonesia Automotive Journalists Forum (FORWOT). The assessment is to design, handling, and resale value frame.                                           

PT AHM continued to utilize advanced technology. The technology currently developed is a hybrid, a fusion engine technology that uses fuel oil and electricity (electrical energy). To note, this technology has been applied to the four-wheeled vehicles (cars).
Manufacturing bearing wing is doing more advanced than others. On the other products currently struggling with using a platinum ignition, CDI and carburettor technology, PT AHM actually launched the use of advanced electronic injection on the product Supra X 125 PGM-FI.
Usually technology is already used bike motorcycle racing. Honda(duck) in Indonesia is the first product using injection technology before other manufacturers followed. Until now AHM only manufacturer who gave birth to a bike motorcycle tech injection in segments Underbone (duck).
Injection technology is the effort to maximize fuel blending gasoline with oxygen in the combustion chamber. Energy released to adjust the supply of gasoline. So that the fuel consumption to around 33 percent more efficient than using a carburetor technology.
Technological development of pride Honda made since 2005. Followed by continuous training of maintenance and repairs to all mechanical injection system AHASS throughout Indonesia. Development of technology that does not make direct AHM jor-rod sells its flagship. It was intended to be an understanding of the injection technology can be optimized.
Fuel injection program (GM-FI), is a fuel supply system (injection) using control technology (ECM). ECM functions to control the supply of fuel and air required machines optimally in all conditions.
Not only Supra X 125 PGM-FI, a number of other products have a future concept such as Revo. Revo, a revolutionary product which was launched PT AHM. Although the use of carburetor Supra Fit, but the body design rated forward. Manufacturer Honda bold designs revolutionized the body.The model is stylish, dinasmis, sporty and colorful selection. Previously,Honda considered the most parsimonious change the body design.
Carburetor system developed for the Revo, made with more precision technology. Perfect carburetor adjustment can not be done elsewhere than in AHASS who has customer service standards.
The result, though the engine carburetor technology, developed with more advanced technology. The product is more economical fuel and has a standard exhaust is environmentally friendly. Fuel consumption technology keiritan Honda , thanks to the application of Econo Engine Features 4 stroke engine technology with TSS (Throtle Switch System).
Already for many years Honda became one of the two-wheeler market players are the most feared in the world, including in Indonesia. Many years of motorcycle motorcycle brands Honda became king in two-wheeler market.
Consumer growth bike motorcycle grown extraordinarily. In the midst of fierce competition from many newcomers brand, Honda is already long in Indonesia, with its superiority, still dominate the market and simultaneously meet the transportation needs of a robust, efficient and economical.
For Honda , the market dominance not only in a particular class, but almost in all types of bicycle motors , especially bike motorcycle duck.Title of king of the bicycle market motorcycle bears are kept up to date.Maintain public confidence into the main capital.