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Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Three products that you considered as the most important ? Why ? Cell phone

Nama :  Bemby Agustian            
NPM :  10208241           
Kelas :  4EA14             
Mata Kuliah Softskill :  Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2     

Three products that you considered as the most important ? Why ?   

Cell phone   

The first products that are important to me is cell phone.. Because cell phone has become everyone's needs .. in addition to having many advantages such as ease of communication, helping complete the work, browsing to the internet, sms, mms, playing games, listening to the music and many others ..                       

Android smartphones can be expensive, and people like to know all the reasons why they should get one before they actually invest their money in an Android phone.

Well, first of all - what do you want an Android smartphone for? Playing games? Using useful apps? Or just as a phone?

The good new is: whatever you want to use it for, Android smartphones come in handy everywhere!

And I'm going to prove to you that Android smartphones are one of the coolest little things to hit planet Earth - and I'm gonna give you the reasons to prove it!                         

You can play games

If you're the type of person that loves games, then you'll be running down to your local phone store to buy an Android smartphone!

Of course, even if you don't love games, there's still reasons why having a few games handy on your Android phone would be a good idea:

1. It's something to do while waiting for the bus.
2. It's something to do in a traffic jam.
3. It's something to do if you're bored in a waiting room.
4. If you meet little kids, they'll be your number 1 fans if you let them play games on your Android!
5. And of course, it's something to keep you occupied during all those times you wish you had something to do.        

You can download cool apps!

Okay, so there's the games, and then there's loads of apps as well!

There's all different types of apps, but the cool ones appeal to most people. Well, actually, the free ones appeal to people the most!

There are hundreds and hundreds of websites all over the internet where you can download cool and free Android apps, but we've saved you the search! You can check out these pages below and discover some amazingly cool Android apps that you never knew existed!                                           

Useful Android Apps

Not only can you get games and other cool stuff for your Android smartphone - you can also get great, useful Android apps!

"A useful Android app?" I bet you're asking.                       

Although it's fun to play around on your Android smartphone, sometimes you need something more useful.

Well, there's loads of useful Android apps out there, and most of them are all free!

With Android phones becoming more and more popular, more apps are being created - apps of all different types.

It doesn't stop at apps though - you can download other great stuff for Android phones, including wallpapers, themes and games! You can find out where to download those near the end of this page.                

It's really practical

Android smartphones are practical, really practical.

It's a phone. Obviously...

So you can call and text people, as well as having all this other great stuff.

Just gets better and better!                       

You can get amazing wallpapers!

You can get really stylish, cool and funky Android wallpapers, and all free too!

There are thousands of places, pages and websites that will direct you to the best free wallpaper downloads.

From cartoons to wildlife, celebrities to sport - there's always something that will take your fancy when it comes to Android wallpapers.

There's so many free Android wallpapers available to download - you can have a different one for every single day of the year!                           

Who wants to pay for wallpapers when you can get them free? People who own Android phones are always looking for cool, funky and amazing wallpapers to display on their phones.

The Android phone has become an extremely popular phone of the 21st century, with many people buying them and geting contracts which include Android phones.

While most websites that offer free Android wallpapersactually have some catch so that you end up having to pay, I'm going to search the internet to find you the best websites that offer 100% free Android wallpapers.